Parents, students reunited after shooting on campus

Cardarow (left) and Carolyn Richardson (right).

News of the on-campus shooting at Roosevelt High School spread like wildfire as students frantically called loved ones.

Some parents learned about the incident from the media, while others received an alert from the school.

“They not letting any of you guys out and they not letting any of us in,” a parent said.

Anxious parents were searching for answers.

They were greeted by dozens of police cars, but provided little information.

“My mom called me. She was very frantic. You know, this kind of thing doesn’t happen in Hawaii,” said Meagan Kini, mother of a Roosevelt student.

“I’m shocked. You hear about it on the mainland, but you wouldn’t expect it here in Hawaii,” said parent Frank Park.

Carolyn Richardson arrived by taxi.

“Where’s the child? What’s going on?” Richardson said.

KHON2’s cameras were rolling when she made contact with her son.

“They got shot in the office? Who are they? Are they your friends? Where are you?” Richardson said to her son.

Her cell phone connection fails and her anxiety rises.

“He supposed to be safe. When you drop off your kids, you don’t think nothing like this. You just think you’re dropping him off at a safe place and he’s not safe,” Richardson said.

Karen Hamilton was also nervous after hearing from her grandson.

“My grandson kept hearing a lot of banging, so we didn’t know if the shooter was trying to get in there or another kid wanted shelter,” Hamilton said.

Irma Leal received an automated message from the school while being interviewed.

“As I was passing by, I saw a bunch of cop cars and right away I thought, ‘Oh my gosh. There must have been a school shooting.’ I mean, right away that’s what comes to my mind,” Leal said.

Richardson eventually reached her son through FaceTime. Seeing him brings relief.

“Thank you for calling me because, you know, this is really freaking me out!” Richardson said.

“I called you earlier, said I was good,” Richardson’s son said via FaceTime.

“I know, but I just got to know I got to hear your voice so I could stay sane,” Richardson said.

After 90 intense minutes, the lockdown was lifted and students were released to their waiting parents.

“It was pretty scary. I didn’t know who was the ones who got shot, like if it was my friends or not,” Roosevelt High School Senior Pono Kini said.

“I get paranoid for every little thing, so I was the first one, ‘Everyone get in back. Get in back.’ We had a closet in our room luckily, so I was like, ‘Everyone get in,'” Roosevelt High School Senior Tavaesina Sofakini said.

“This is crazy. Really, really crazy. This should not happen here, especially Roosevelt. We went to Roosevelt and this is crazy,” said parent Fionna Kim.

Richardson was eventually reunited with her son.

“Those are my thoughts, that I can kiss him again,” Richardson said.

“Move on and pray,” Roosevelt High School student Cardarow Richardson said.

“And I’m happy and I’m grateful to the school for everything that they’ve done to protect all the children. Not just mine, but all of the children,” Richardson said.

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