Police raid Kailua home, make arrests

Honolulu police raided a Kailua house Tuesday night.

Sources say it’s part of an effort to take down a group that’s suspected of selling automatic weapons, grenades, and illegal drugs.

The man who was arrested last week after crashing a car in Kahala and allegedly shooting at officers is also thought to be part of the same group.

Police arrested five people on Tuesday night for various offenses.

They found drugs in the house, but no weapons.

They executed a search warrant on the Mokapu Boulevard home at about 6:30 p.m.

It was a huge scene with police officers, including SWAT and the bomb squad, along with ATF, U.S. Marshals, and other federal police.

“I was just laying in bed and I heard three loud explosions.  It didn’t sound like gunfire.  Jumped up out of bed, ran to the window, looked outside and saw the SWAT car and a whole bunch of cops right in front of this house right here,” neighbor Randall Scarborough said.

A car fled the property once police arrived.

Officers caught the car down Mokapu Boulevard and they took three people into custody.  They were arrested for various offenses including reckless driving, drugs, and warrants.  Police also took the car into custody and plan to get a search warrant for it.

Another man also took off on foot from the property, but they found him hiding in the bushes and took him into custody for a traffic violation.

The man who lives in the house was arrested for the drugs that police found in the home. Police say they found meth.

Police believe the people who hang out at the house are connected to the same group Nicolas Nakano is part of — suspected to be selling automatic weapons, grenades, and drugs.

Nakano is the man who was driving a stolen car in Kahala last week Thursday, flipped it over, then allegedly fired a shot at officers.

Sources say Nakano’s handgun jammed after that.

Nakano is still in custody on a parole retake warrant and is still at the hospital being treated for the injuries he got from the car crash, which includes a broken jaw.

Three others who are also suspected to be part of the same group were arrested in Waikiki two weeks ago.

Overall, this is a big multi-agency effort to make our streets safer by taking down a group that’s suspected of having dangerous weapons and drugs.

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