Students learn about tsunami preparedness

Tsunamis can happen at any time, so Hawaii has to be ready.

On Tuesday, some elementary students received training from experts on what to do in case a tsunami hits.

The experts from Japan met with 5th grade students at Ala Wai Elementary School. They were shown maps of their school and then shown inundation zones. It shows them danger zones and where to go for safety.

“One of the things we stress to our students is it’s not a matter of if, but when. And so it is always good to be on top of things and be prepared for an event. Hopefully it wouldn’t happen, but if it does we’ll be prepared for it,” Ala Wai Elementary School Principal Sean Wong said.

“We got one high school, one middle school, and the rest are all elementary schools. And a majority of those schools are here on Oahu,” Department of Education Safety and Security Director Mark Behrens said.

That means thousands of students go to school every day in tsunami inundation zones.

The DOE says that’s why it practices school evacuations once a year.

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