Teen shot on campus had many run-ins with police

Roosevelt High School - Police

Neighbors of Roosevelt High School teenager Chance Narvaes say the runaway has had problems with police in the past.

In fact, they say police were called to his home early Tuesday morning.

Neighbors say Narvaes, 17, lives with his mother and two younger brothers on Henry Street. For the most part, it’s a quiet neighborhood in Nuuanu.

But even early Tuesday morning, a neighbor — who did not want to be identified — says she had to call police because Narvaes was causing such a racket.

“He was screaming at the top of his lungs and swearing and he seemed to be by himself and going up and down the street, kind of panting and just talking to himself,” the neighbor said.

Another neighbor says police also came by looking for Narvaes just a couple of days ago.

“Do you know what happened?” KHON2 asked.

“No, I don’t know. They just knocked on my door and if I know who he was. I just told them he lived in the back,” neighbor Darrin Miyamoto said.

Miyamoto says he’s heard a lot of noise coming from Narvaes’ house and has also seen the teenager get angry out of the blue.

“Yeah, all of a sudden start yelling. I mean, I don’t know what the reason was. He would be out here by himself going off,” Miyamoto said.

“The first thing I told my husband when I woke up is, ‘Oh my gosh! I wonder if that’s our neighbor?'” the neighbor said.

But neighbors says Narvaes was getting some help and had been going in and out of the hospital for the past year-and-a-half. They’re hoping that this latest incident will get him the help that he needs.

Neighbors point out that Narvaes never got angry or violent toward them. He would either have loud arguments with his mother or no one in particular.

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