Judge upholds Marriage Equality Act

Rep. Bob McDermott

Rep. Bob McDermott was dealt another loss in his fight against same-sex marriage.

Rep. McDermott filed a lawsuit against the state because he believes the recently passed Marriage Equality Act violates the constitutional amendment voters passed in 1998.

“We have regulations. We have statutes and we have constitutional amendments. The general principle that a regulation cannot override a statute. A statute cannot override a constitutional amendment,” said Shawn Luiz, McDermott’s attorney.

“The Marriage Equality Act is legal, it’s constitutional, it’s fine. So, we’re going to have a judgment and this will end the proceedings in the Circuit Court,” Attorney General David Louie said.

“What we need is a guy, a judge, who has the courage, the courage because this is a political volcano. It’s a really hot issue,” said Rep. McDermott (R) Ewa Beach.

After the hearing, Rep. McDermott vowed to fight the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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