Principal: Trouble was brewing before campus shooting

Roosevelt High School

Classes resumed at Roosevelt High School on Wednesday — one day after a shooting on campus.

Principal Jeanette Uyeda says just a few students requested counseling services, although the school was prepared to handle a lot more.

“We had extra counselors here this morning, four extra counselors. But by nine o’clock, it was just go,” Principal Uyeda said.

Uyeda says she asked the counselor who was with 17-year-old Chance Narvaes when officers arrived to take the day off just to recuperate from the ordeal.

“She’s fine after yesterday’s incident. She was fine and by the afternoon, she was all together, all collected, but she’s just taking a break today,” Principal Uyeda said.

Narvaes was sent to the counselor’s office after trying to pick up a schedule, but he wasn’t registered. Uyeda says police were called even before Narvaes did anything because the staff already knew there was the potential for trouble.

“We knew his name and we knew what was happening with him, so we called HPD,” Principal Uyeda said.

Narvaes allegedly tried to stab three officers in the counselor’s office. One officer fired two shots and one of them hit Narvaes on the wrist. That’s when the school went into lockdown.

Uyeda says the school plans to improve lockdown procedures and make it more organized.

“To lessen the chaos and keeping parents informed and to make sure they’re ok. I think sometimes parents get more anxious than students and so we want to make sure we take care of that,” Principal Uyeda said.

Students were sent home with letters on Wednesday, asking parents to update their contact information so they can be notified during an emergency.

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