First vet tech facility opens at Windward Community College

New facility at Windward Community College.

Years of work aimed at saving and helping our furry friends and fuzzy neighbors have come to fruition on the Windward Community College campus.

“It’s a brand new facility, I think the total tag on it was about 2.1 million to build it and its about 2-thousand square feet,” said Dr. John Kaya, veterinary technology program director at WCC.

The veterinary technology annex is now home to two dozen veterinary technician students.

“We do a lot of the spay and neuters for the shelters on the island, so the space to accommodate all the animals is definitely going to help us,” student Alyssa Peyatt said.

The program first kicked off five years ago in a much smaller building. Now, student vet techs will use the space for surgeries, X-rays, dental cleanings, and other treatments.

“It’s a double whammy. We get to learn how to help and we get to know the procedures for the clinical work and stuff like that,” Peyatt said.

There are 218 vet tech accredited training programs in the mainland U.S. This is the only one in Hawaii.

“It’s such a good convenience because a lot of the things I wanted to do require me to move to the mainland,” student Matthew Tsuda said.

“So we got provisional accreditation a year ago, and of course the accreditation they give you a list of things you have to fill, and one of them was we needed a more up-to-date, state-of-the-art facility and this is what we’ve produced,” Dr. Kaya said.

This two-year program can produce vet techs who can work at local clinics or go on to become veterinarians one day.

“So thanks to the state and everyone who had a part in it. We are now ready to go for our full accreditation,” Dr. Kaya said.

This learning facility provides services for rescue animals only and is not open to the public.

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