Local fans make the trek to Super Bowl XLVIII

Courtesy: Henry Perez

When it comes to Super Bowl XLVIII, Hawaii football fans certainly have plenty to be excited about.

The local ties are deep. On one side you have Hawaii Preparatory Academy graduate and Seattle Seahawk center Max Unger, and on the other, there’s part-time Hawaii resident and Denver Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

And of course Roosevelt High School’s Bruno Mars will take center stage at halftime. But that’s not all.

“There was no way that we were going to miss coming to this game if the Broncos made it. We knew that it was going to be cold and it wasn’t going to be cheap either, but it was going to be well worth it,” Hawaii resident Jimmy Austin said.

Many Hawaii fans have made the long trip to New York City to enjoy the entire experience.

“TV doesn’t do it justice because you just walk for blocks and blocks and blocks and it continues, and it’s amazing. All the different events they have and it’s so kid-focused, which is really what’s important,” Hawaii resident Henry Perez said.

“Just allowing everybody to come and experience New York with a Super Bowl is Pro Bowl times 10,” Austin said.

Both Austin and Perez say besides the amazing amount of work done to create Super Bowl Boulevard, it is obvious city officials have made public safety a priority.

“One of the biggest presence is I think the security and how safe everybody feels. Dogs everywhere and they brought in every type of police department all through the state,” Perez said.

“Absolutely. I mean, every block we walk to, I’ve never seen more police officers and I think they’ve really brought in a lot of people just for this event,” Perez said.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“I tell everybody they should at least put this on their bucket list once, if they have a chance. Because I tell you what, you’ll never forget this type of experience,” Perez said.

“We got a Hawaiian flag we’re hoping to wave if they’ll let us take it in,” Austin said.

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