Big game means big business

For some businesses, the big game means big bucks.

It was certainly a hectic, but profitable day for some, especially before kickoff.

It’s not your typical Sunday morning at Tamashiro Market.

“Two pounds of poke for the big game,” said a customer.

Many customers making a stop here, before kickoff. But the rush started the day before.

“People who are preparing shrimp or crab or even fish, they will get it a day ahead so they don’t have to shop. But I guess poke you have to get fresh,” said Cyrus Tamashiro, president of Tamashiro Market.

To meet the demand, Tamashiro’s brought in extra product and higher-end items, including bluefish tuna.

But since the crowds died down in the afternoon, Tamashiro’s closed early at 1 p.m.

“In the five hours that we are open, it’s like 1 1/2 times our normal full day on Sunday. So it’s very worthwhile,” Tamashiro said.

Were other businesses slammed just before kickoff?

“Did you want that on a regular, hand-tossed crust?” asked an employee at Domino’s Pizza.

Pizza chains including Domino’s and Papa John’s.

“We got more staffing than normal just for the busy time,” said William Chee, assistant manager at Papa John’s.

A lot of prep was done the day before, even making sure enough pizza boxes are folded.

“Before the game happens, there are a lot of orders. As of today, we have a lot delayed orders that’s been prepped up for Super Bowl coming up,” Chee said.

Restaurants like Side Street Inn on Kapahulu remained busy throughout the game.

“Compared to Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving, this is our biggest sporting event,” said Rob Acoba, Side Street Inn operations manager.

The restaurant’s fourth annual party is more like an event.

“Go Broncos,” customers said.

With a buffet and prizes. These California residents plan their Hawaiian vacation around this party every year.

“Because it’s the best Super Bowl party we’ve ever been to. Side Street has the best food, best party. It’s amazing,” said John Fingarson, visitor.

“It’s a great experience to be here and see the Super Bowl with this great crowd,” said Mark Rosenberg, visitor.

This sold-out crowd of more than 175 people makes days like this a winner for Side Street.

“Go Seahawks!” customers said.

In a sign of the times, the pizza places say they got more orders on Sunday online than over the phone, and they too slowed down once the game got underway.

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