Big game brings friends, families together for good grinds

Superbowl Party in Enchanted Lake

Backyards and garages around Hawaii turned into huge parties for Super Bowl Sunday.

Todd Matsumoto owns a restaurant on Gulick Avenue in Kalihi, but once a year he turns his garage into a restaurant for friends and neighbors, and it doesn’t happen overnight.

“We started doing all the decorations, all the invitations, then we figure out the menu. Then on Thursday, we start cleaning up the whole driveway and garage. Friday, we put up all the tents. Saturday we put up all the tables and chairs,” Matsumoto said.

“The party is always the bomb. We’re always here every year, every year”, said Denver Broncos fan Dana Hegwood.

“I have turkey and a chicken wing and sushi, and salad and chow fun”, said Seattle Seahawks fan Kanya Cabral.

KHON2 visited several other parties in Waimanalo and Enchanted Lake, with lots of food and fun for the kids.

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