Tickets for Bruno Mars’ Hawaii concerts go quick

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Less than 24 hours after his career-high performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, tickets to Bruno Mars’ Hawaii concerts went on sale.

Hundreds of people lined the mall outside the Blaisdell Arena Monday morning, getting there hours before the box office opened.

“We came here at 10 o’clock last night. And we came here because we’re big Bruno Mars fans,” said Justin Magusara.

“I got here at about 5:45 [a.m.], and I would say easily hundreds by the time I got here,” Bruno Mars fan Lucas Kapua said.

And they came with game plans.

“Limit is eight tickets per person. What do you have planned?” KHON2 asked.

“I’m going to buy two tickets,” Bruno Mars fan Caitline Belen said.

There were rules place. A random drawing determined who would be first in line, trying to deter people from camping out. And the game of chance thrilled some.

“I have lucky No. 8,” said Valerie Kan.

“At first I was like, ‘Is it really?’ I had to ask someone. I was like, ‘Is that one?'” Bruno Mars fan Kailani Akana said.

That meant Akana got first shot at tickets when the box office opened.

“I want to do Saturday night first. I need eight for Saturday night,” Akana said.

Just minutes after tickets went on sale, it was amazing how few were actually available. That’s because of online tickets and folks scooping up some of the best seats.

“Thirty minutes into box office and we’re not even on No. 19 yet. I’m 17 and pretty much everything is sold out, and I can tell you I’m pretty pissed off,” Belen said.

With the first two shows selling out in about a half hour, an announcement came…

“So it’s Friday, Saturday, off on Easter Sunday, and Monday the third show has been added,” concert promoter Tom Moffatt said.

Tickets also went fast for the third show.

“So, we got the show on Monday. And I just went up to the window and I told her front and center, best you can get on Monday. And I ended up with row four, seat 11,” Bruno Mars fan Ricky Lew said.

But some were left without tickets and upset.

Carrie Newhouse says she flew in Sunday night from Kauai to try to get tickets.

“They need to do something where they open the box office prior to Ticketmaster opening and online opening, so that people here in line — the fans that are here for this venue, his home venue, for this man — can come here and get tickets,” Newouse said.

“Everyone has got the same chance. It’s just there are thousands of people out there trying to get tickets. This is an unprecedented event here at the Blaisdell,” Moffatt said.

The concerts are set for April 18, 19, and 21.

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