Longtime friend, concert promoter proud of Bruno Mars’ success

On the heels of his halftime performance in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Bruno Mars is the talk of the town.

“I got my tickets for the Bruno Mars,” Bruno Mars fan Marshal Esdicul said.

“I got people in a ticket feeding frenzy,” concert promoter Tom Moffatt said.

Moffatt has known the singer, songwriter, and music producer since he was just a tyke.

“When I first met Bruno, he was tiny and he was doing Elvis Presley, and then later years he was doing Frankie Lymon and some of the other singers. But he didn’t have his own material,” Moffatt said.

Now, an award-winning performer Mars thanked Uncle Tom, saying he made his dream come true after booking two sold-out shows at the Blaisdell back in 2010.

“We were looking at smaller venues and, hey, it’s Bruno Mars. He has come into his own and we put him on solo and it sold out,” Moffatt said.

Mars now has two Grammys under his belt and three more sold out shows this coming Easter weekend in April at the Blaisdell arena.

“Oh, we talked to the stadium. We looked at the stadium and came up with figures for both the stadium and the Blaisdell arena,” Moffatt said.

“Aloha Stadium would’ve been better. Bigger vicinity,” Esdicul said.

“Bruno’s company opted for the arena. I think they liked the enclosed feel of it, the intimacy and the comfort of performing indoors,” Moffatt said.

Moffatt says he hasn’t seen tickets move this quick in Hawaii since Michael Jackson came to town and that was before internet sales.

His knock-out performance in front of millions at the Super Bowl is adding to the momentum.

“I would like to see him at Aloha Stadium next time. He’s capable of doing capacity there, I think,” Moffatt said.

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