‘Aloha’ crosswalk sending the wrong message

When you cross the street, you are told to look both ways to be safe.

But if you happen to cross Kalanipuu Street and Lunalilo Home Road and you happen to look down, the word, “aloha” appears in the crosswalk.

If you look closely, it appears that all it took was a brush, some white paint, and eight strokes to spell out the message.

People in Hawaii Kai first noticed the “aloha” message during the Christmas holidays and it drew crowds of curious on-lookers.

“I didn’t see any harm in it and it’s becoming less of a novelty. But we still see the folks when it’s sunny out still taking pictures with it,” Hawaii Kai resident Ken Middleton said.

The word “aloha” also appears on a crosswalk on the opposite side of the island in Kapolei.

The city says this is nothing more than a dangerous act of vandalism.

“It can pose a danger to pedestrians because people that are approaching it and driving in vehicles unfamiliar with that area may think it’s a marking on the road and not a crosswalk,” said Ross Sasamura, City Facility Maintenance Director.

Middleton has his own message to the city.

“I’d say pay attention to the pot holes around our island before they deal with manini no impact things like this,” Middleton said.

The city says this is no small matter. Officials say the messages are similar to graffiti.

Sasamura says it will cost about $4,000 to repair and repaint the two crosswalks.

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