State crews remove crosswalk in Ewa Beach

The Ewa Beach community is down one crosswalk now.

On Wednesday, the state removed the crosswalk on Fort Weaver Road near Ilima Intermediate School.

This comes after the state denied the community’s request to add a traffic signal at the intersection after a boy on a bicycle was hit by a car in September 2013.

But the state said it would have a negative impact on traffic because there would be three signals within a span of 900 feet.

“I don’t think this is a good idea because there are a lot of kids crossing the street. And this is a major intersection, so they should put a light here,” Ewa Beach resident Harold Bayang said.

“For me, it’s better if they take it out. But it’s also even better if they put a stop light here. So to me, it’s good because we don’t want to see any accidents with this kids,” Ewa Beach resident Lemirie Osorio said.

Pedestrians are now urged to use the crosswalks at Papipi Road and Aikanaka Road. Those crosswalks have traffic signals.

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