Young girl with rare brain tumor gets wish granted

Sydney Jade Crowe

Sydney Jade Crowe is only 11 years old, but there’s an old soul about her.

“I think that there’s other kids in the world that have other problems that are more into it than I am,” Crowe said.

Crowe is an energetic young girl from Pennsylvania who knows about fighting and surviving. Since May 2009, she’s battled a rare non-cancerous brain tumor, but she has never stopped living.

“She’s up for whatever it takes to beat this, so we don’t need the strength. She gives it to us. Yeah, they don’t need to waste their energy. I’m here,” said Nicole Bottomley, Crowe’s mother.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation recently reached out to the family.

“They asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go to Hawaii. We were behind her 100 percent,” Bottomley said.

One of the reasons she wanted to come to the islands was to visit Iolani Palace.

“Because it seems so like amazing on TV and I’ve just always wanted to see it,” Crowe said. “And now I’m here and I’m like, ‘Yeah.'”

If a smile can help someone heal, then this visit is already helping.

“It is a life-threatening disease. She’s had nine surgeries and 10 rounds of chemo and nothing has worked up to this point,” Bottomley said.

Crowe’s last surgery was in September and so far there’s been no new tumor growth. Her mother says even on her worst days, she is the rock in their family.

“I want to be a veterinarian. It pays good money, I get to spend my day with animals, you know, have a blast,” Crowe said.

“Sydney gives us the strength that we need in order to make it through it. She is the light of our life and she brings the brightness to our days,” Bottomley said.

She’s a young girl with much love for Hawaii, its culture, and its people.

“Shaka brah!” Crowe said.

And for that we say, welcome!

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