Hefty cost to fix ‘aloha’ crosswalks

Kapolei "Aloha" Crosswalk

On Tuesday, KHON2 reported on a crosswalk in Hawaii Kai that was painted over to spell the word “aloha.”

On Thursday, KHON2 went to another one in Kapolei. It turns out this crosswalk is the state’s responsibility, but the response and what they plan to do about it are the same.

While some see this as not being a problem, officials say it’s an act of vandalism and can prove dangerous to pedestrians.

That’s why the Hawaii Kai and Kapolei crosswalks will be restored to their original condition, in line with national standards for crosswalks.

The city will focus on the “aloha crosswalk” on its street in Hawaii Kai, estimating repairs to cost up to $2,000.

“We now have to go back and detail a crew to go and remove all the markings that were put in place to spell the word ‘aloha,'” said Ross Sasamura, City Facility Maintenance Director.

Sasamura says that price tag includes having to draw up a traffic control plan. The city has to make sure the area is safe for its repair crews.

And then there is the cost of materials. Depending on the extent of the repair, that could mean either wire brushing or grinding into the roadway before they can re-stripe the crosswalk.

KHON2 heard from viewers who asked, why not just go out with a bucket of paint and a brush?

“Crosswalk markings are actually something that’s fully vetted and specified to a national standard that we to comply with,” Sasamura said.

That standard is all about safety first.

For both state and city officials, there is no aloha for anyone who marks up their crosswalks.

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