HFD: Palolo fires were intentionally set

Three different fires were set within minutes of each other.

Now, an arson investigation is underway in Palolo.

The fire happened in the early morning hours. As to what alerted the homeowner to the fire?

“But it was also producing enough smoke that it was starting to grow. The smoke actually caused the smoke alarm to go off inside the house, which is what alerted the people to the fire. And it emphasizes how important, how essential smoke alarms are towards saving lives,” Honolulu Fire Department Capt. Terry Seelig said.

Captain Seelig says every home should have smoke detectors, and you should check the batteries once a month.

There were two separate fires at the address along 10th Avenue. As firefighters went to leave the scene, they spotted another small curbside fire a few blocks away that they quickly put out, with no damage done.

Although damage was limited at the first scene, about an estimated $1,000 to the fence, the danger was significant.

“Absolutely, any fire can advance. Fire progressively gets bigger and as it starts to impinge inside of a structure. It will only continue to grow until it is stopped,” Capt. Seelig said.

Honolulu police are aware that the fires were intentionally set.

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