Little fire ants not found in Kaimuki

Fire ant folo

Remember those ants KHON reported about on Thursday that were found in a Kaimuki yard?

The home’s owner believed them to be little fire ants.

So he put out a stick of peanut butter and froze whatever he caught.

He wasn’t able to take the sample down to the Department of Agriculture, so KHON did it for him.

“Ok. These are not little fire ants.  It’s a type of fire ant, but it’s just a small yellow one. It does have a sting so supposedly people can get stung by it,” Department of Agriculture Bernarr Kumashiro said.

KHON notified the home owner and he said he’s happy it wasn’t what he feared.

The ag department says if you suspect you have little fire ants, put out a stick of peanut butter for 45 minutes, freeze whatever you get, then contact the ag department.


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