HCC students take creative approach to boost enrollment

“The first day I made them, I must have destroyed at least two trays,” Honolulu Community College student Stephen Kim said.

Students at HCC’s Design Center and Communication Arts Program are taking a hands-on approach when it comes to creating something for HCC recruiters to hand out to prospective students.

“Instead of pencil and paper, we try to give them something that we produce here,” said Glenn Matsumoto of the HCC Design Center.

Students came up with something that’s literally in the palm of your hand. They created a home button sticker for your iPhone or iPad.

“I thought it was kind of cool because it’s something that is new. We’ve never done that before,” HCC student Jennifer Kakio said.

Popular in Asia, this decal — given out at career and college fairs — is aimed at boosting enrollment at the school noted for its carpentry, automotive, and technological programs.

“We are kind of forgotten because we are vocational, but vocational serves a lot of areas in the nation,” Matsumoto said.

“Basically it serves two purposes. It’s a fun decal to kind of personalize your phone and another way is to remind you of Honolulu Community College,” Kakio said.

The bubble sticker/decal is printed, packaged, and distributed by students.

They’ve created thousands of decals, which include the school’s website and social media contacts.

Students say the process has taught them entrepreneurship, patience and…

“It’s how to make everything more efficient, how to make everything faster, make everything more precise,” Kim said.

“They see it from start to finish all the way to the consumer’s hand,” Matsumoto said. “Hopefully in return we can get enrollment.”

Their latest project is also a phone accessory a cell phone plug charm featuring the HCC logo.

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