Action Line Consumer Alert: Target, Neiman Marcus data breaches

The recent Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches affected thousands of shoppers in Hawaii. But many may not know that they’re a victim.

“This is actually very significant breaches. It’s obviously criminal activities,” said Bruce Kim, Office of Consumer Protection executive director.

The two breaches affect 130,000 Hawaii shoppers. Thieves made off with phone numbers, credit and debit card numbers, and security codes that could help them steal your identity.

“I think technology is changing quite a bit and it’s changing rapidly. Unfortunately, the system as a whole contains many vulnerabilities,” Kim said.

If you think you’re at risk, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs says keep monitoring your credit card statements for suspicious charges.

That should continue for a year since it may take some time for fraudulent charges to appear.

Other signs you’ve been a victim include:

  • Getting credit cards you didn’t ask for.
  • Missing credit card bills.
  • Receiving calls or letters from businesses about items you didn’t buy.

So what happens if you spot something fishy on your statement?

“If you find one, you should immediately report it to your bank or credit card company,” Kim said.

You should also place an initial fraud alert on your credit report, which can help alert you if someone tries to open an account in your name.

“I think the individual companies realize this is a very serious problem, not only for their company, but also for their customers who they depend on to make a living,” Kim said.

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