Artists gather in Kakaako for Pow Wow Hawaii

One hundred artists from around the globe have taken to the streets of Kakaako.

Monday marks the first official mural painting and sketching day for Pow Wow Hawaii, an annual local art and musical festival.

Artists from Hawaii and abroad are collaborating in what is considered one of the best painting festivals in the world.

“It’s just a real good vibe right now,” artist Matt Ortiz said.

“I think everyone is excited. This is the first day and so everyone is getting their paint and looking at the walls, and thinking about how they are going to plan everything out this week,” artist Roxy Ortiz said.

“They spend the time to let people engage and hang out and socialize some more and get to know each other,” artist Meggs said.

The event also showcases free lectures, exhibits, and a block party Saturday night, celebrating the completion of 60 new murals.

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