Relief coming soon for Waialae Avenue drivers

Crews are doing emergency repair work overnight on Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki.

They’re fixing an area where numerous cars scraped their undercarriage on Monday.

“If it was my car I’d be furious,” passerby Sandy Pawling said.

It happened to Colleen Nomura’s car.

“It did scrape and it didn’t sound good at all,” Nomura said.

She saw the dip in the road, but thought that her car was high enough.

“And I decided to go slow and I still hit the bottom,” Nomura said.

The problem area is on Waialae Avenue near 12th Avenue. It’s the right, Ewa-bound lane that’s been causing road rash.

The city started a major repaving project on Waialae Avenue a year-and-a-half ago, but this new problem just surfaced on Monday.

The Department of Design and Construction (DDC) is in charge of the big project, and in turn, contracted Jas. W. Glover, Ltd.

“I’m so sorry,” said Chris Takashige, DDC Director. “We got notified today so we contacted the contractor right away and they’ll be out there tonight to do the repairs.”

According to Glover, they were out there on Sunday night fixing that area, digging it up and putting down new asphalt.

But what happened was the layer beneath the surface was too wet before they put the surface layer on. So that’s why on Monday, the weight of the cars and buses pushed down part of the road.

The same thing also happened down the road near St. Louis Drive.

As a precaution, the two areas on Waialae Avenue, which they fix on Monday night, will be coned off on Tuesday.

If your car got damaged and you need to get it fixed, you can file a claim with Glover at (808) 591-8977.

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