Hikers rescued near Stairway to Heaven trail

A man and a woman spent the night on the Stairway to Heaven trail along the treacherous Koolau mountains.

It took only minutes for the Honolulu Fire Department helicopter to ferry the young lady to the landing zone from a perch high atop the mountain, near the Haiku stairs. First the young lady, then just minutes later her hiking partner rejoined her safe and on ground.

“Yeah, they’re ok. He really didn’t say much to me, just that they got to a spot where they couldn’t go up or down anymore. It was already dark, so they just had to stay where they were,” said Kelli McDougle, hiker’s sister.

The young man who was rescued is McDougle’s brother, Johnathan. It was a roundabout way McDougle found out her brother was missing.

“And then this morning I got a call from his boss, saying he didn’t show up for work, which is not like my brother,” McDougle said.

He had also left behind his cell phone, but the female hiker had one and was able to call HFD at around 2 a.m. Monday, asking for help.

“Yeah. Yeah, it was good to see them. I didn’t see the rescue, but I got here and they were fine. So, that was good,” McDougle said.

The hikers apparently made their way over the Koolau from the Tripler area and did not make it to the Haiku stairs. They could have been cited by police if they did because the trail is closed and off-limits.

The two were checked by emergency medical technicians, but did not need to go to the hospital.

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