Oahu students collect jeans for less fortunate

Students from Island Pacific Academy

For the past two months, students have been focused on collecting blue jeans for the less fortunate.

“There are a lot of children that don’t have homes, don’t have clothing, and a lot of adults that don’t even have jobs,” fifth grade student Wyatt Cullison said.

A group of fifth graders from Island Pacific Academy has served as committee members, spearheading the school community service project to collect new and gently-used denim for Oahu families.

“There’s just so many. I guess there’s enough for anybody, so they will probably be super happy to get all of them ’cause they are also in a variety of sizes so anyone could wear them,” fifth grade student Maxie Machado said.

So far, the kids have collected more than 300 pairs of jeans and the deadline to get them all in is Wednesday.

“We are hoping to get more. There is going to be a burst that just comes in late,” Cullison said.

The students will then turn the jeans over to Aeropostale, who will deliver the donated items to local shelters as part of their nationwide “Teens for Jeans” drive.

“Fifth grade student committee would like to thank all of you who donated jeans to our pre-teens for teens jeans drive,” a student said.

The Island Pacific Academy donation deadline is Wednesday, but Aeropostale clothing stores will continue to collect donations through Sunday, Feb. 23.

“Really happy for the children and then they have something to wear. And jeans are always in style, so they can look stylish,” Cullison said.

As a reward for their efforts, the group will get to wear jeans instead of their traditional school uniforms for a day.

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