Waialae road troubles explained, may not be over

Waialae Avenue

The stretch of Waialae Avenue runs from the Kahala Mall to King Street — a little more than a mile — but the cost to fix it is no small matter.

The problem is something you don’t see. As they dig under the avenue, engineers are discovering unexpected trouble spots.

City engineers say it appears rain water coming down from the nearby hill-side communities has seeped into the cracks and the pools of water have created soft spots, undermining the already old and damaged roadway surface.

“We’ve had to take out more of the roadway than we expected and we have to build it back up so that is a solid road,” said Chris Takashige, Department of Design and Construction director.

Takashige says the reconstruction project was supposed to end last December, but the soft spots keep coming, so the work has been extended until June of this year.

The cost of the contract was originally set at $9.4 million, but Takashige says there is a contingency fund to deal with unforeseen problems.

The city can’t say whether this is an isolated incident, but has a plan to see that this doesn’t happen again.

Drivers don’t want to see a repeat of what happened Monday.

“And every single car that came over it scraped really bad and it just got worse and worse throughout the day,” said Sandi Pawling, office manager at Dibiasi Pacific.

The dip in the road was fixed and the stretch of Waialae Avenue kept closed to allow the asphalt to harden.

The city is directing all claims for damage to the contractor.

Jason Glover, a spokesman for the company, says it has received four complaints so far.

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