Maui police search procedures under scrutiny

File photo: Maui police

Family of a missing pregnant woman on Maui say a car found at a popular surf spot belongs to missing woman Carly Scott. According to a Facebook page dedicated to her disappearance, Scott’s car was found at the surf spot known as Jaws.

However Scott’s stepfather says the car was burned. He says the license plate found on the car matches Scott’s license plate.

The family is working to confirm if the car belongs to the 27-year-old pregnant woman.

Police have been notified.

It’s becoming an all too familiar scene on Maui — friends and family searching for a missing person.

A search took place a month ago for Moreira Monsalve, who was last seen at the home of her ex-boyfriend in Wailuku. Her daughter wants people to know they haven’t given up the search for her mother and for answers from Maui police.

She expressed her frustration with the investigation with us.

“In the beginning, you know, they didn’t take this case very seriously, especially when I first reported her missing,” said Alexis Felicilda, Monsalve’s daughter. “When I later found out that a lot of the information that as handed over was not handed over to the new detective that took over a week later.”

On Wednesday, we heard from a spokesman for Maui County, who says the county officials have given the ok to allow the police to use every resource necessary to help with the search of the missing women.

Maui County spokesman Rod Antone says Managing Director Keith Regan has told police not to worry about overtime costs and that the door is open to have other county personnel join in the search.

To make her point, Felicilda told KHON2 to search the Maui Police Department website to see if there was any way the police had reached out to the public for help. But when we called up the Missing Persons page, we noticed that the page and the information have not been updated since August of 2007. A word check for Monsalve turned up empty.

“If we had more resources, more procedure, more protocol on what to do when something like this happens, maybe we would have had a better chance to find my mother,” Felicilda said.

Felicilda says she has been in contact with the family of Carly Scott to lend her support. The 27-year-old Scott is five months pregnant and has been missing since Sunday.

Both families say they will not stop trying to find their missing loved ones.

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Maui Police Department released the following statement:

“On 01/15/14 at about 1000 hours, the Maui Police Department sent out a press release to request the public’s assistance in the disappearance of Moreira “MO” MONSALVE. The Missing Person’s Bulletin for MONSALVE was also posted on the Maui Police Department Facebook account on the same day. We were able to pass along the information to the public much faster and more efficiently with the assistance of the media and Social media aside from the County of Maui’s Website “Missing Person” site. According to the Maui Police Department’s Facebook site we had 4,404 individuals that saw the post on Facebook and probably more with the media release when it was initially released.”

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