Illegal sign warns drivers of ‘pothole minefield’

Wanaao Road

Residents in Kailua say an altered traffic sign is more like a warning to drivers of what’s to come ahead.

We saw the sign on Wanaao Road Wednesday afternoon.

“I think it’s marvelous. It’s just exactly what we need to get somebody’s attention,” Wanaao Road resident Mary Farris said.

But when we returned on Thursday, the sign was back to normal. We called the city and they said a crew removed the altered sign Thursday morning after we notified them.

“The first I heard about it was when we received the information from KHON,” said Ross Sasamura, Department of Facility Maintenance Director. “It was cardboard shaped to the original sign and it was likely taped on.”

The city took down the sign because it was illegal. But residents say the sign sheds light on a bigger issue.

“This road was never fixed entirely. It was always Band-Aid, just little patch here and there,” Kailua resident Leatrice Williams said.

Wanaao Road is a popular route leading into Kailua town.

We spotted cars dodging the uneven patches of the road, while others just drove right through it.

Crews were spotted in the area a couple days ago, filling in the potholes. But residents say the weather also adds to the problem.

“I think that with each rainy season that comes, the roads keep getting worse and worse. Potholes keep creeping in,” said Trevor, a Wanaao Road resident.

“Every time we have a heavy rain, the asphalt just pops up, like they call potholes,” Farris said.

The city says Wanaao Road is scheduled to be resurfaced, but that will take time.

“It’s just a matter of the contractor getting to that area to resurface,” Sasamura said.

The city hopes the public will continue to call the pothole hotline to let them know about bad roads, that way they can help minimize the impact to drivers and their vehicles.

“To help them, perhaps, make it a little bit easier until that resurfacing project reaches their door step,” Sasamura said.

If you’d like to report a pothole, call (808) 768-7777 or visit this website.

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