Action Line: Palolo residents frustrated over road project

Construction on Kuahea St.

Palolo residents are frustrated over a road construction project that is blocking their driveways, and not just while crews are working. Residents called KHON2’S Action Line because they say it’s taking too long and they want to know why.

A stretch of Kuahea St. has been dug up about 10 feet deep, closing off access to the driveways of some homes. For 85-year-old Ellen Migita who walks with a cane, going anywhere is a challenge. “I have to walk down the hill and go on the sidewalk and go down to the Handi-Van,” Migita said.

It also means their cars have to be parked just outside the construction zone, so groceries and anything else they’re bringing home have to be carried in, rain or shine.

“They’re all fed up that it’s very inconvenient to have this whole construction right in front of their house mostly because of parking,” said resident Keith Migita.

Residents are willing to put up with the inconvenience, but what gets them angry is they don’t see a lot of workers getting the job done.

“The manpower is kind of small. It doesn’t look like they’re getting much done,” said resident Stan Higuchi.

The city says that’s because there are times when the contractor only needs a few workers at different phases of the project.

“It depends on the type of work and the phase of the work,” said Chris Takashige, Dept. of Construction and Design. “We’d bring in a different amount of workers and different type of workers at different times in the project.”

Takashige says work will last at least another six weeks with a targeted end date at the end of March.

The good news is that the project is on schedule and once it’s done, the road will be paved and more stable to prevent landslides. The bad news is that the project will be moving to nearby areas so neighbors will likely encounter similar headaches.

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