BART rider & UC Berkeley student infected with measles potentially exposed thousands

UC Berkley
UC Berkley

BART press conference

BERKELEY, Calif. (CNN) — Health officials say a UC Berkeley student got the measles after traveling abroad and was not vaccinated.

Then officials say he rode BART, the San Francisco rapid transit system, before he realized it.

The measles virus can stay in the air for up to two hours.

BART is saying a lot of passengers may have been exposed during that period if they rode BART from February 4 to February 7.

People on campus who came in contact with the student have been or are being notified.

Health officials say the symptoms are a fever, coughing and rash on your face, neck and then your body.

The reason why health officials are concerned is because it can turn out to be serious for some people.

UC Berkeley will be offering the vaccine to students who request it.

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