Hawaii Gas warns customers of billing scheme

The following is an alert from Hawaii Gas:

Hawaii Gas is warning all Hawaii residents to be aware of the latest utility billing scam targeting consumers. Hawaii Gas’ Customer Service Center received numerous calls Friday from customers and non-customers saying they have received an email from Energy Billing System. The email notifies the recipient that their energy bill is available to view online. The email lists a fake account number, charges, amount due and payment due date. The name of the utility is not specified in the email. The email contains a link for the recipient to view their most recent bill. The email is from a U.K. email address: DoNotReply@tross.co.uk.

Hawaii Gas does not currently have an option for customers to view their bill online. It is asking customers and non-customers to be cautious of emails they receive from third-party entities claiming to represent any utility company.

Hawaii Gas customers have also reported receiving bill statements from Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) in California. PG&E is aware of this scam and has communicated it on their website and through mainland news outlets. Customers who receive suspicious emails should contact Hawaii Gas immediately.

To verify information and for any billing-related questions, customers should call Hawaii Gas’ Customer Service Center at 808-535-5933.

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