Missing Maui woman latest

Tomorrow marks one week since Carly “Charli” Scott was last seen on Maui.

Family, friends and the community plan to continue their search tomorrow morning.

Today they searched another widespread area, and still no sign of her.

Scott is 27 years old and almost 6 months pregnant.

KHON2 anchor/reporter Marisa Yamane spoke with one of their search leaders.

“Yes I was told there were a few items that were found that were taken for evidence that was identified. They searched from mile marker 24 up to mile marker 32, basically a little past Nahiku all the way into Hana.” Search leader Alton Franco said.

Authorities have not released information on what items were recovered.

“Nothings being disclosed.” Franco said.

So far, her clothes, shoes, burnt SUV, and dog have been found.

If you want to help out with the search tomorrow – Meet at 8 a.m. in Hana at the Maui Invasive Species base yard, or in Keokea at Grandma’s Coffee House.

They plan to do aerial and ocean searches as well.

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