Schedule for missing Maui woman search

Carly "Charli" Scott

Schedule for Sunday, search for missing Maui pregnant woman Carly “Charli” Scott.


HANA : Maui Invasive Species Headquarters meet at 32 Mile Marker by Hana Airport Road. 8 to 9 AM there will be a sign saying searching rescue meeting spot. Contact: Jeff 633-3682

KEOKEA : Grandma’s Coffee House 8-9 am All dirt bikes (except Piahi Crew) will be dispatched from this location and any other searchers that want to travel backside from Keokea toward Hana. Contact: Gayle 344-5688 or MJ 268-1359

HORSE: Dispatch call Gayle 344-5688

BOAT AND JET SKI: Crews contact Pablo 385-6630 (more info on location and times coming soon looking for experienced Jet ski & boat operators only)

AIR SEARCH: Focusing on the backside to Kula contact Gayle 344-5688

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