Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ holds open auditions in Hawaii.

Many of you have seen Disney’s “The Lion King” on stage… So how’d you like to be a part of the cast?

Open auditions for singers were held today.

Amber Tiana De Marco of Waianae was just one of those who got a call back to play the part of a Hyena.

“I was really nervous, I was absolutely nervous, but I had a lot of friends here today and that helped.” Auditioner Amber Tiana De Marco said.

“We’ve seen some excellent, excellent people. Some great auditions. Fantastic voices. It’s been a really good day.” Lion King resident director Deborah Shrimpton said.

The Lion King rarely holds auditions in small cities like ours, but the last time they came they saw the quality of talent here in Hawaii, and knew they had to hold auditions here this time around.

Dancers will get their shot tomorrow and Tuesday at Ballet Hawaii. Women tomorrow, men on Tuesday.

All that’s required is that you’re between 18 to 35 years old.

For more information go to: http://www.lionking.com/casting

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