Maui police addresses searches for missing women

Capt. John Jakubczak of Maui Police Department's Criminal Investigation Division

On Tuesday, Maui Police Department held a press conference at the Wailuku Police Station regarding the searches for Carly “Charli” Scott and Moreira Monsalve.

Scott, who is nearly six months pregnant, was last seen Feb. 9 at her sister’s home in Haiku. Later that night, her family says she went to help a friend in Hana who saw her vehicle’s lights behind him at one point before they disappeared.

Monsalve, a mother of three, was last seen Jan. 12 leaving her ex-boyfriend’s home in Wailuku.

In Scott’s case, police confirmed her car, clothing and personal items were recovered. In Monsalves’ case, police recovered her belongings and interviewed family and friends. In both, the victims’ ex-boyfriends remain persons of interest, since they both saw the victims last.

“A person of interest is someone we’d like to talk to, someone we’d like to get more information from,” explained Capt. John Jakubczak of the Criminal Investigation Division. “A suspect is more of a person who had more involvement – we have evidence or probable cause they had more involvement in the case. So right now… we do have people of interest but no suspects at this point and time.”

Police say both cases remain active investigations.

Maui mayor Alan Arakawa said his office has received numerous phone calls regarding both cases and, while the families deserve justice and closure, he also urged the community to be patient and let investigators do their job.

“My office has the utmost confidence in the Maui Police Department’s investigation,” he said. “I personally know they are doing all they can in regards to finding these two women and they will not rest until the suspect or the case has been solved.”

Police are asking the public to call in any tips and, if evidence is found, to call police immediately without disturbing it.

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