Maui residents press police for answers

There was a packed house at Tuesday’s Kihei Community Association meeting. Family and friends of Carly “Charli” Scott and Moreira Monsalve were in attendance in an effort to get police and public support for both searches.

Residents frustrated by two missing persons cases voiced their concerns to the Maui Police Department Tuesday night.

Moreira Monsalve has been missing for more than a month, and Carly Scott, who is five months pregnant, has been missing for just over a week.

Their loved ones want answers from police about the investigations.

The department revealed Monsalve and Scott’s ex-boyfriends are “persons of interest” but they are not considered suspects in their disappearance.

Police also fought back against accusations they are not doing enough to find Monsalve and Scott.

The meeting was held at Kihei Charter School.

It went on for about an hour and a half. The room was packed and there was standing room only. Police showed up in force including Maui Police Department Chief Gary Yabuta to answer questions. It got heated at times.
“I want to know what it will take to get the FBI get involved?” asked an attendee.

“They abide by the same constitution as the Maui Police Department does. My job is to protect constitutional rights and not invoke the constitutional rights,” Maui Police Departmentment Chief Gary Yabuta said.

“Could you answer question?” the attendee asked.

“I did,” Yabuta said.

“I am so proud proud of the way my officers are conducting their investigations. Contrary to the belief, we are doing everything we can. We’re doing all we can. We are not sleeping at night peacefully,” Yabuta said.

“I am wondering if you have been able to collect ex-boyfriend Steven’s truck? Just want to know what’s going on with truck? It could be very valuable in this investigation. And nothing about it from you guys,” asked an attendee.

“We’re not aware of any call to us so we will look into that,” Maui Police Department Captain John Jakubczak said.

“Were you able to search either one of the ex-boyfriend’s houses?” asked an attendee.

“We can’t get into details right now,” Jakubczak said.

“What is the timeline for release of forensic evidence?” an attendee asked.

“Anything that comes back would be discussed or released to the family first before anyone else,” Jakubczak said.

“We’re doing best we can. Let me speak. Let me finish. We’re here, we are here. I am the chief. I am taking responsibility as far as jurisdiction and authority. I believe in our dept,” said Yabuta.

“A lot of us are not feeling safe. Is there going to be a separate meeting?” asked an attendee.

“Is there a serial murder killer on Maui?” asked an attendee.

“Our information right now, there’s no serial killer on Maui,” Jakubczak said.

In the Carly Charli Scott search they combed the water again Tuesday, did a ground search and didn’t find anything relevant. Family and friends plan to go back out again Wednesday to look for her.

Family and friends of Moreira Monsalve and Carly Scott say they hope to work more closely with Maui police.

“I have found myself calling her phone number just to see if it’ll ring.cause I do miss her a lot. You have to work past the emotions and keep a level head,” Alexis Felicilda, Monsalve’s daughter said.

“The answers were vague but we are Very happy with the police giving us a lot of support. The officers have been great,” said Jeff Simon, friend of the Scott family.

Anyone with information on the missing persons cases of Moreira Monsalve or Carly Scott, call the Maui Police Department.

Earlier Tuesday, Maui police gave a press conference to provide the latest details in both investigations.

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