Maui missing persons website taken down

The missing persons cases of Maui residents Moreira Monsalve and Carly Scott remain active.

But there is something else that is missing.

It appears a web page once devoted to information on missing persons on Maui is missing as well.

Since February 12, 2014, KHON2 has uncovered that Maui Police Department’s missing persons web page has not been updated since August 20 2007.

Tuesday, KHON2  discovered the page was taken offline and the link no longer works.

A spokesman for Maui county told KHON2 “From what we understand, that web page was no longer being used and has not been used for quite some time and should have been taken down.”

Spokesman Rod Antone also says police are using facebook to get information out to the public.

Maui police told KHON2 Wednesday they are trying to determine who exactly took down the web page, and why.

KHON2 will follow up with them.

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