Family of robbery victim asks for help

It was exactly three weeks ago when a woman was violently robbed while walking down the street in Waikiki.

The woman is now on life support, while the suspect is still on the loose.

We’re now getting to hear from the family.

Jennifer is hoping for a miracle. The reality though, is that her mom Jullie Stephenson is in the intensive care unit.

“She’s just not gonna make it. But we still hope and pray a miracle could happen and she’ll come through,” Jennifer said.

On Sunday, February 2nd, around 9:20 at night Jullie was walking on Ala Moana Boulevard near Hobron Lane — close to where she lives.

“She just got off work and she went to the ABC store to get some stuff and she was walking home and then when she got into her drive way which is a circular driveway she felt like a push and a pull back over her shoulder and it kind of slammed her to the ground,” Jennifer said.

The robber took off with Jullie’s purse leaving Jullie down on the ground, badly hurt.

“And she ended up breaking her hip. She had internal bleeding,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer is pleading for witnesses to come forward — to help catch the person who put her

“She was just an amazing person, an amazing mom. She was a single mom with three kids, four grandbabies. She’s gonna be missed that’s for sure,” Jennifer said.

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