Keiki celebrate Tooth Fairy Fun Day

It was all smiles at the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center as the annual Tooth Fairy Fun Day kicked off.

“For some reason, they love brushing their teeth, so that’s why I brought them here to get more experience,” said Rosemarie Barayuga, parent.

Hundreds of keiki took a seat at the Tooth Booth for quick dental screening.

Over at the Plaque Challenge station, they learned about tooth decay prevention.

Kids were also given tips on how to brush and floss.

Even the Tooth Fairy showed up to hand out prizes.

This is the 10th year the Hawaii Dental Service has teamed up with the Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center. For some children, it was their first time visiting the dentist.

“She wanted to come anyway, but we came because they have yet to get their teeth checked by a dentist,” said William Bethel, parent.

“Was it good?” Bethel asked.

“Yes. Yes,” his daughter said.

The event is sponsored by the Hawaii Dental Service. The goal is to teach children about proper teeth and gum care.

“Unfortunately, Hawaii ranks at the bottom in children’s oral health and so this is our way of bringing awareness of that problem,” said Faye Kurren, president and CEO of the Hawaii Dental Service.

Parents and volunteers say the event is a win-win.

“I think it’s great because probably not enough children take decent enough care of their teeth. So anything you can do to facilitate them brushing ’em can’t hurt,” said Jason Roach, parent.

“It’s tons of fun. It’s always fun to volunteer. I don’t have any kids myself, but the kids are super cute. So it’s kind of fun to work with them,” said Dr. Michael Yuen, Hawaii Dental Service.

The Discovery Center says it’s a popular event that continues to grow every year.

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