Waikiki assault victim fundraiser

It happened at the intersection of Ala Moana Blvd. and Hobron Ln. It was Super Bowl Sunday and 52-year-old Jullie Stephenson was assaulted, pushed to the pavement and her purse stolen. She is hospitalized with a broken hip and internal injuries. Friends gathered today at a family fundraiser just a block away at the Harbor Pub.

“We’re just trying to put some money together for them so at least while they’re here, they can be comfortable. It’s not much but we’re trying to do what we can because she’s been with us for 20, 25 years,” friend of the victim Andy Sexton said.

“She was a sweet lady who loved everybody, cared about everybody’s feelings, would do everything for anybody. She was just an amazing person an amazing mom. She was a single mom with three kids, four grandbabies. She’s gonna be missed that’s for sure,” the victim’s daughter Jennifer said.

Police are still looking for the suspect or suspects in the case. It has heightened awareness among Waikiki residents about the potential for violent acts.

“I think people first of all need to meet and understand what they need to do to watch out for themselves and each other. And I think that the training that comes with the neighborhood watch just in itself is really important,” Waikiki resident Dave Moskowitz said.

The dining and entertainment community is close knit and many of Stephenson’s friends showed up today to give their support.

“I’ve known her for years. She bartended at Assagio’s and my wife and I go in there quite a bit and loved the place and loved her. She’s a great gal – she’s been to our place so I’ve known her over the years and this is just a sad, terrible thing that’s happened,” friend of victim/business owner Don Murphy said.

“Been happening a lot. Happened again last week. All the ladies out there, make sure you keep your purses close to you and men, make sure you keep your ladies close to you because we don’t know what’s going on but it’s not normal, it’s not normal for Waikiki,” Sexton said.

“I just think whoever you are you need to turn yourself in because you hurt a lot of people doing this. I know you never meant to take my moms life but.. This is reality I guess,” Jennifer said.

Police are still looking for the suspects in the case and ask that anyone with any information call Crimestoppers at 955-8300.

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