Gov. Abercrombie, nation’s governors meet with President Obama in D.C.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie
Gov. Neil Abercrombie

Governor Neil Abercrombie will join governors from across the nation as the winter meetings wrap up on Capitol Hill Monday.

It was a week of debate and collaboration to meet the challenges of the coming year.

Gov. Abercrombie took part in several sessions over the weekend, including talks on homeland security and public safety.

On Sunday, Gov. Abercrombie also took part in the Natural Resources Committee session in the afternoon, before heading to the National Governor’s Association dinner at the White House.

President Obama says, ‘their cooperation is vital,’ pledging to work with them as he continues his year of action.

Gov. Abercrombie is expected to return Wednesday.

Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui will be acting governor until his return.

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