Manoa harassment suspect says he’s innocent

Yama Fazzari

A man accused of harassing people at a Manoa park has been released. Yama Fazzari, 22, was arrested for harassment Saturday night at Manoa Valley District Park after police say he tried to pick a fight and kicked a man in the leg.

In a court appearance Monday, Fazzari pled not guilty. KHON2 talked to Fazzari, who admitted he was the suspect described in a University of Hawaii security alert that warned students of a man who followed an elderly couple and a girl to Manoa Marketplace, but claims he followed the couple because they kept driving past him.

Fazzari claims someone in the neighborhood has been out to get him.

“I’m on my computer everyday minding my own business, but the police keep saying people are calling saying I’m bothering them, so I keep wondering who the heck keeps calling,” he said. “I’m a good person,” he said. “I try not to cause no problems to anybody. I like Manoa. I’m sure everybody else hangs out in Manoa. They like Manoa too.”

A judge ordered Fazzari to be under court-supervised release. He is not allowed within 100 yards of Manoa District Park and must stay away from the people he’s accused of harassing.

This is not the first time Fazzari’s been in trouble. In 2011, he was convicted of disorderly conduct, assault and terroristic threatening, and in 2010, he was convicted of criminal property damage and disorderly conduct.

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