Modified cars present problems for new safety checks

Modified cars are not passing safety checks and owners are questioning the system. They called Action Line because they want to know why.

KHON2 talked to the city and car experts to get some answers.

A lot of it has to do with the electronic safety check system using the iPads. It has essentially forced safety check inspectors to be more strict.

Rhyan Salamat made some changes to his truck’s suspension and found out that in order to get a safety check, he first needs to get a Reconstruction or Recon permit which requires an additional inspection.

“It’s a 2013 truck and if we can’t get any reconstruction I can’t get a safety check then the truck is worthless there needs to be a solution to this,” said Salamat.

Car mechanics and those in the car parts business have noticed that since the electronic safety inspection started in November, many owners of modified vehicles are not getting their safety stickers.

“90 percent of the vehicles that all of us have touched or modified is probably having some kind of problems,” car mechanic Daryl Hokamura said.

The city says nothing has changed as far as the laws on modified cars. It’s just that safety inspectors now have to to strictly follow the law before passing anyone.

Some of these people can no longer get away with getting the inspections the way they used to and this is causing an increase in reconstructed vehicle inspections,” City Motor Vehicle Division Ricky Akase said.

The city has been bombarded with appointments for Recon permits since the new electronic system started. Records show there were 138 Recon inspections last year in January, and his year there were 232, nearly 100 more. This could cause problems for those who buy used cars from private owners because what passed last year may not pass the next inspection.

“It looks really nice they’ve got vehicle that’s been registered and safety checked good for another half year they just bought but when that half year comes around and they can’t re-register it cause they can’t get a safety inspection I fell bad for them., said Ian Yoshizawa of Ron’s Performance.

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