Oakley “Smart Goggles” = Extreme Google Glass?

Oakley "Smart Goggles" = Extreme Google
Oakley "Smart Goggles" = Extreme Google

New Jersey (CNN) – From Google Glass to Samsung’s “Galaxy Gear” smart watch, wearable technology is just starting to take off.

Now a company known for its high-end sunglasses and ski and snowboarding is getting in on the action.

Wearable technology has conquered the gym, the catwalk, and now it’s whipping down the slopes.

Sports enthusiasts are always looking for an edge and Oakley believes it has its wearable solution for skiers: a goggle called Airwave.

“You can listen to music, check your text messages, your incoming calls, track your friends and family on the mountain. there’s an Airwave app that we’ve developed at Oakley that if your friends or kids have it, you can track everywhere they are on the mountain, track where you’re going, how far you’re going, how much air time you’ve gotten,” Oakley Sports Marketing Manager Zach Dalton said.

With a wrist controller and tiny monitor, Oakley hopes this goggle will be their ticket to tech, but it comes at a cost.

“That’s true. I mean for $650 we’re looking at advanced gear for someone who’s out there that wants to track their vertical, see the trail map. It’s got a lot of technology. Our top of the line glasses, or goggles, are almost $300,” Dalton said. “For us it’s not going up against Google. Google is somebody we maybe parter with in the future. Our philosophy is purpose, function and design. if we can wrap all of those into our products, and it’s going to elevate the experience for the consumer, that’s important to us.”

Oakley is betting consumers will take the leap. But it will be years before any wearable technology can claim the gold.

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