Transcripts from Deedy’s final day of trial unsealed

State Department Special Agent Christopher Deedy is back in Honolulu to stand trial a second time for killing Kollin Elderts during an altercation in a McDonald's restaurant in Waikiki.

Transcripts of the courtroom communications between Judge Karen Ahn and attorneys on the final day of Christopher Deedy’s murder trial have been released to the public.

Judge Ahn ordered the unsealing Tuesday. The transcript includes the questioning of a juror who was seen shaking hands with someone close to one of the sides involved. Attorneys questioned whether that juror, whose name was redacted, should be disqualified.

The final day of Deedy’s trial was held under closed session before Judge Ahn declared a mistrial. Jury members were deadlocked at 8-4 in favor of acquittal and said they would not be able to reach a unanimous verdict.

Deedy, a federal agent, was charged with the 2011 fatal shooting of Kollin Elderts at a McDonald’s restaurant in Waikiki. His retrial is scheduled for June.

Read the order and full transcript here.

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