Decomposed body found on Wilhelmina Rise

Wilhelmina Rise

Honolulu police and fire crews are investigating a decomposed body that was found Wednesday in a remote area on Wilhelmina Rise.

Fire officials say a man discovered the body while flying a remote helicopter in the area. When he went to retrieve the helicopter after a crash, he came across the body. Officials say it was so badly decomposed, they could not immediately confirm if it was a man or woman.

Both crews and neighbors are puzzled as to how the body could have ended up there. The body was located on a steep hillside covered with cactus and thick vegetation. In order to get there, one would have to pass through private property.

“We’re shocked about this,” said resident Laurie Callies. “We live in a very quiet neighborhood. We have a very strong neighborhood security watch program here and for this to happen, it’s not only tragic, but it’s disheartening.”

The body was taken by the medical examiner’s office where they will work to try to identify the victim and find out how he or she died.

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