Honolulu City Council committee kills trash pickup fee bill

The Honolulu City Council has killed a bill that would require Oahu homeowners to pay $10 per month to have their trash picked up.

The council’s budget committee Wednesday voted unanimously (5-0) to keep the bill in committee and not pass it to the full council.

“We’ve all been receiving a lot of feedback from the community,” said budget chair Ann Kobayashi. “Many, especially seniors, say it doesn’t sound like much, but for them, it’s a lot.”

“I don’t think the city administration has really made a clear case that by imposing this additional fee that it’s necessarily going to result in improved services for our residents,” said city councilmember Ron Menor.

Council members also said that the city couldn’t guarantee the fee would not be raised later.

The vote ensures the fee will not go into effect for this upcoming fiscal year. Honolulu mayor Kirk Caldwell proposed the bill, which would have tacked the fee onto homeowners’ real property tax bill.

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