Waikiki robbery victim dies, still no suspects

Jullie Stephenson

The woman who became a victim of a violent robbery last month has died. The family of Jullie Stephenson took her off life support Tuesday night.

Stephenson had been in the intensive care unit since February 2, when the 52-year-old was assaulted, pushed to the pavement and her purse was stolen near the intersection of Ala Moana Blvd. and Hobron Ln.

“Everybody thought she was going to pull through it, but I guess her body just couldn’t handle it,” said her daughter, Jennifer.

Stephenson’s family says she was planning to move to Oklahoma next month. They say she was loved by many people and will be missed.

“She was a very strong person,” Jennifer said. “She was always like the rock that everybody leaned on. She just cared so much about everybody and how everybody felt. She had a heart of gold, that’s for sure.”

Police are still looking for the suspect or suspects in this case.

“He just needs to be caught,” Jennifer said. “This was not fair to my mom. She didn’t do anything to this guy… I mean, she lost her life over six, seven hundred bucks.”

If you have any information, call police.

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