Former Circuit Court judge enters Lt. Gov. race

Elwin Ahu

Former Hawaii Circuit Court Judge and senior pastor Elwin Ahu formally announced his candidacy for Hawaii Lieutenant Governor as a Republican.

“The preamble to our Hawaii Constitution succinctly sets forth the foundational framework for our beautiful Hawaiian Islands, yet so many, including our governmental leaders, are unfamiliar with the heart and spirit of its provisions,” Ahu said. “For several years our Constitution has been challenged, not in the judicial courts of law, but in the people’s courts of public opinion. Our government leaders are no longer grateful, it seems, for Divine Guidance, nor are they mindful of our Hawaiian heritage. Consequently we’ve lost our uniqueness as an island state. Many I have talked to voiced the same concerns: that the righteous philosophy of our state motto has not been protected, nor has it been preserved.”

Ahu was one of the leaders against the same-sex marriage bill that went into law last year.

Ahu was born and raised in Pearl City and currently serves as senior pastor of New Hope Metro.

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