Hawaii Bankers Association warns of fraudulent phishing calls

The Hawaii Bankers Association is warning of a recent surge of telemarketing calls to Hawaii residents. Several bank customers have notified their financial institution that they have received suspicious telephone calls from individuals representing themselves as bank officials.

The caller indicates that the customer’s card has been deactivated. To reactivate the card, the caller requests card account and security information, claiming the information is necessary to validate the customer. Be advised that a bank official will never call to request account information by telephone, text message, or email.

“This account blockage issue is just one of many scams that prevail and the perpetrators will kind of rotate scams into different market areas on an occasional periodic basis,” said Edward Pei, Hawaii Bankers Association Executive Director.

Here are some important reminders:

  • Financial institutions will never call, text, or email customers requesting account information such as account numbers, passwords, and security codes.
  • Any such request should be viewed as highly suspicious and recipients should not respond.
  • In the event the customer has mistakenly provided information, contact your financial institution immediately to report the call.

The Hawaii Bankers Association is a trade organization made up of FDIC insured depository institutions in Hawaii, including: American Savings Bank, Bank of Hawaii, Bank of the Orient, Central Pacific Bank, Finance Factors, First Hawaiian Bank, Hawaii National Bank, HomeStreet Bank, Ohana Pacific Bank, Pacific Rim Bank and Territorial Savings Bank.

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