‘The Eddie’ big wave holding period officially ends

Photo: Bielmann/Quiksilver

The Quiksilver In Memory of Eddie Aikau holding period that began on December 1, officially drew to a close Friday.

Organizers maintained a close watch on several big wave episodes during a very consistent season of surf on Oahu’s North Shore this winter. They say an unusual pattern of adverse winds and stormy conditions decimated the biggest days, including a massive swell that pummeled the North Shore with waves of up to 60 feet on January 22.

The original one-day big wave invitational has a strict requirement for minimum wave face height of 40 feet.

To date, this surfing event has run only eight times in 29 years and only eight big wave riders can lay claim to attaining its high honor: Clyde Aikau (HI); Denton Miyamura (HI); Keone Downing (HI); Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS); Kelly Slater (USA); Noah Johnson (HI); Bruce Irons (HI); and Greg Long (USA).

Plans are already underway for the 30th celebration of “The Eddie” in the upcoming 2014/15 winter season. The next holding period kicks off December 1 with a traditional Hawaiian opening ceremony scheduled for December 4 at 3 p.m. at Waimea Bay.

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